Saltare means 'to dance' in Latin

The name reflects movement, grace, simplicity - and joy. It started one day as a final year viticulture student when our class had to disgorge our very own MCC bottles. I was captivated! When I had the opportunity to make my first batch of MCC several years later the magic repeated itself when my friends helped to pick the grapes by hand. Afterwards in the cellar we danced on the grapes to squeeze out the juice...

and Saltare was born.

Saltare is a boutique winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa

We carefully select our grapes from five different vineyards across the Western Cape and transport them to our cellar in Stellenbosch where winemaker Carla Pauw applies her art. Our vineyards each tell a story about the hands that tend a keep them - read about some of the remarkable people behind the grapes under Vineyards

Find detailed notes of each of our wines here, including our latest addition, our first Platter's five-star rated MCC Cuvée Camille 2015.

The cellar is located along the banks of the Eerste River close to the centre of town. Our tasting studio is across the river at 'The Avenue', 30 Die Laan, in the heart of the historic town. Contact us for a personalised tasting of our wines.

And now enjoy a taste of Saltare Wines and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil on our website and  in our online shop.